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Dental emergencies can be serious, so please don’t ignore injuries to the teeth or gums! Remember, treating dental emergencies quickly and effectively is the best way to prevent permanent damage and avoid the need for more expensive procedures.

Never Delay Emergency Dental Treatment

When patients suffer trauma or injuries to their teeth and gums as a result of accidents, delaying emergency treatment can lead to dire consequences. These can include more complex procedures, considerably more pain and discomfort, and a higher dental bill. Their conditions can worsen over time, resulting in impaired functions, inability to concentrate, and even the risk of permanent disability. 

Immediate treatment can cut down recovery time and save a lot of money. There will also be no need to suffer prolonged agony as a result of infection, inflammation, and even fractures. 

When Are Dental Emergency Treatments Necessary?

Dental emergencies typically follow incidents that involve trauma around the mouth area. However, other examples can include:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Intense pain in the teeth and gum area
  • When dental procedures go wrong
  • Sudden onset of symptoms associated with Periodontal disease

Patients can suffer dental emergencies at any time and in many cases, they can be unavoidable. The best course of action when an incident occurs is to seek dental treatment as soon as possible.

Even just the suspicion of any of these issues can be an excellent justification to contact our Kitchener Dentist office for an appointment. You can call us for such emergencies at any time, and we can accommodate your need for a dental check-up and high-quality dental care.

What Do We Offer

At Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic, we offer the full suite of evaluations, treatments, and procedures to address any dental emergencies that may arise. Our facility is equipped with the latest in professional dentistry equipment, and we use the latest processes and techniques in dental care. 

We believe that patients deserve the best in terms of dental services, and we intend to provide that. Among the procedures that we have to offer are:

Emergency Dental Examinations

Inspecting the mouth, teeth, and gums for any issues that could be causing discomfort and pain. Checking for any potential foreign objects and identifying problems that could potentially become significant threats if left untreated. We can also provide advice on how to treat particular issues that we identify as part of our evaluation.

Dental X-rays

Our Kitchener Dentist facility is equipped with the latest imaging technology that can see past the surface for dental examinations. We can check for any cracks or fractures in the jaw, as well as potential signs of infections in the gums that might be hiding under the surface, 

We can also use X-rays to check for excess teeth that have yet to come out or see if there are any problems with the sprouting of the wisdom teeth. Potential complications in those areas should be addressed ahead of time if detected early.

Dental re-implants, re-alignment, and splints

In case of any issues with previous procedures involving implants, teeth alignments, or braces due to accidents or lack of care, we can offer to correct these by redoing the procedures.

Treatments for cuts and lacerations in the mouth and gums

For accidents that result in open injuries in the mouth, cheeks, and gums, we can suture the resulting lacerated tissue closed. Doing so should help avoid infections and more severe health complications. 

Allowing the wound to fester can result in fever, fatigue, and in some cases, even death. The infection could also seep into the deeper tissues, which would then require major surgery to address.

Dental root canal treatment

Some damaged teeth can still be saved despite severe tooth decay and cracks by drilling into the pulp, clearing out the infected tissue, flooding the hole with disinfectants, and then filling it back up.

Some impacts can result in the teeth’s pulp getting injured. Without the appropriate medical response, it can fester and rot.

Dental Fillings

Cracks in the teeth or chipped teeth can be fixed by replacing the damaged parts with composite materials or fillings, which provide patients with a long-term solution to the dental issue.

The patient’s tooth is cleaned before a hole is drilled into it to make room for the filling. The filling is then hardened using a piece of specialized equipment that emits light. A dental filling can then save the tooth, prevent pain and discomfort, and makes it usable again.

Dental Crowns and bridges

Damaged or missing teeth can be protected or replaced through artificial teeth called crowns or through bridges, which are made up of multiple dental crowns.

Dental repairs

Broken teeth, crowns, or fillings can be quickly repaired at our Kitchener Dental office to help prevent further complications and improve the quality of life of patients. 

Replacement of lost fillings and temporary crowns

Fillings can wear out or fall off over time, and crowns can also chip with use, but we can replace them to be as good as new. Patients are encouraged to act immediately if this happens since teeth that have lost their fillings or crowns can become infected. 

Foreign object removal

There are times when foreign objects like fishbones, seafood shells, or some other small, sharp items can be lodged in the gums, between the teeth, or even under the teeth. We can help remove them to alleviate the patient’s discomfort and prevent infection from setting in. 

Treatment of other dental complications

In case of other issues like bleeding, pain, discomfort, or inflammation as a result of a recent or old dental operation, we can step in and treat both the symptoms and the underlying cause.

Patients looking for a Kitchener Dentist capable of offering any or all of those dental services are welcome to contact our office. We would be more than happy to provide the necessary examinations, prescriptions, and treatments to those who need them.

Dental Facilities and Amenities 

To help our patients in the best ways possible, our Kitchener Dentist office is equipped with only the best and latest in state-of-the-art equipment and amenities. Through our excellent dental tools, we can provide professional and high-quality dental care that makes the most of our expertise.

We also ensure a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for our patients. Our office complies with medical and government standards. Our commitment to quality also extends to our staff. 

All of our medical and administrative personnel strive to provide a friendly but professional work environment. We also make sure that we are ready to respond to any dental emergency, making sure the patients will receive the treatment they need.

By providing patients with the necessary information regarding emergency dental care, we hope that they will be able to make the right choices in seeking treatment. Our only wish is to be able to protect the smiles of people because we know how important having perfect teeth is to self-esteem and health.


Kitchener Dentist Fairway Dental specializes in providing excellent emergency and non-emergency dental care and exceptional dentists in the Kitchener area. With a strong team of expert dentists, we are well equipped to provide effective treatments when dental emergencies or non-emergencies arise

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2 reviews

This dental clinic is great!! I have been visiting this clinic for years now and Corina and the ladies at the front have always been welcoming, courteous, and accommodating. The dentists and hygienists have also been awesome. Specifically, I have had a great experience with Dr. Lee, who aside from being patient, have always walked me through the process and explained what was happening in detail. All in all, I highly recommend this place!

Oscar Palacios

2 reviews

This place was great! Everyone there was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I was very happy with my experience and will definitely return next time I need a dentist.


4 reviews

My 95 year old father needed emergency dental care. Corina at Fairway Dental was absolutely amazing in working with me to set up an appointment. When we arrived, everyone at Fairway Dental was so caring towards my father. My father received exceptional service. I was very pleased with the entire experience.


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