Dental Filling Cavities

Wear and tear on our teeth can leave us with cavities. Foods high in sugar, sugary drinks, and other corrosive foods like lemonade or high-acid beverages can wear away enamel and exacerbate cavities in our teeth. Even regular foods like bread or other foods high in carbohydrates can decompose and break down into acids when left in the mouth between teeth. Cavities weaken the structural integrity of your teeth and are a type of tooth decay.

We can fill in any cavities and prevent further decay or deterioration of structural integrity of your teeth. Our dentists treat cavities by first removing the decayed part of your tooth with a drill. They then fill in the hole with a mouth safe metal – silver alloy, porcelain, gold, or a composite resin.

Cavities are avoidable, but common. Do not be shy to contact us to take care of cavities. We are also equipped to do checkups on your oral health to determine if you need fillings in the first place.