Christmas is a great time to be merry and eat almost anything delightful. You can find parties everywhere and there’s no shortage of happy people. But amidst this flood of wonderful holiday treats, a situation is imminent: the state of your oral health.

If you care about your teeth but you still want to enjoy the best things about Christmas, this article will keep you informed.

Destroying Your Teeth with Sweets

The real problem with sweets is not how many you’ve eaten in a day but how many you’ve nibbled in one sitting. Without allowing your teeth to rest, you’ve subjected it to a continuous flow of enamel-melting acids and artificial ingredients.

Of course you shouldn’t let go of sweets for the holidays but you can take a break. After eating a large chocolate bar, for example, rinse the sweet essence away with water. If you’re at a party, try to socialize as much as you can to avoid binging on sweets.

Chugging Sodas & Concentrated Fruit Drinks

If sodas have real benefits, then the disadvantages are even greater. Sodas are loaded with artificial sugars like aspartame. The same thing can be said with concentrated fruit drinks, juice packs, and dozens of other products. These ‘sugar bombs’ are bad for your teeth, and they won’t give positive points to your health either.

Just like the situation with candies, you cannot avoid sodas entirely – unless you have a specific medical condition. Try to limit your intake with just one glass or cup. Use water as an effective substitute or you can also choose natural fruit punch.

No Time to Floss

Brushing and flossing are common oral activities that go side by side. Unfortunately, many people forget to floss every now and then. Just imagine: the holidays will give way to a banquet of delicious goodies. Eating all these foods will cause debris buildup within your teeth. Flossing will reduce buildup and may also lessen the accumulation of tartar. So, don’t forget to floss during the holidays!

Creating a personal flossing reminder is always useful. You can even set micro-alarms or mental notes. Flossing will only take a few minutes of your time – you’ll be back to the Christmas party before you know it.

Relying Too Much on Mouthwash

It’s common for people to buy mouthwash as part of their oral hygiene routine. Since having a mouthwash bottle is convenient, the demand for the product has grown over the years. This may be good, but thousands of people have become overly reliant on mouthwash. If you’re one of these people, you should know that overusing mouthwash can ruin your teeth this Christmas.

Mouthwash is loaded with artificial ingredients that can wear down your teeth’s enamel. Additionally, it will make your mouth dry. Instead of using mouthwash, you can try light dental rinses instead. Organic DIY solutions are also popular, though you need a few minutes to prepare them.

Biting Like A Ravenous Creature

Christmas is a great time to share, forgive, and be hungry for delicious foods. However, once you’re in front of a banquet, don’t bite and munch like there’s no tomorrow. The main reason is ethics – you don’t want to be seen like a hobo who gobbles everything. The second reason is the pressure that you’d subject your teeth into.

Eat your favorite meals in a careful, measurable way. This advice even works great if you have dental braces or veneers.

Conclusion – Holiday Teeth Care is Imperative

There’s nothing wrong with having fun during Christmas. Just remember – moderation is the key. Do your best to practice the right oral hygiene methods so that you won’t have any problems after the holidays.

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