Many organized sports require you to wear a mouth guard to help to prevent injury to your teeth and mouth. Sports guards should also be worn when participating in any activity or recreational sports that may result in possible trauma to your mouth even if it’s not a requirement. A blow to the mouth can result in permanent damage to your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard can potentially save you from unnecessary dental treatment and the emotional and financial impact it may have on you.

Why should you wear a Sports Guard?

Wearing a sports guard reduces the risk of sports-related injuries to your teeth and mouth. A sports guard is a simple device that is worn on the teeth to help to prevent trauma such as tooth fracture, root damage, restoration fractures, and lacerations to lips and cheeks.  It will help to absorb the force from the impact to the mouth.  It is much easier to prevent an injury than to treat it.

Types of Mouthguards

There are three basic types of mouth guards. The stock fit and boil and bite options are available off the shelf at sporting goods stores and some pharmacies. They typically are bulky and not the most comfortable to wear and do not offer a custom fit. This may reduce their effectiveness. The third type is a custom-fitted mouthguard that typically is only available through a dental health provider. These are custom-fitted to your mouth and offer the best fit and comfort and wear compliance. They can also be customized to suit your colour preference.

Which option is best for me?

We strongly recommend a custom-fitted mouthguard. Because they are made to fit your mouth, they will offer the best comfort and fit. It is important that a mouth guard fits correctly so that it can provide the best protection to your mouth and teeth.

 How do I get a mouthguard?

If you are looking for a custom-fitted sports guard, all you have to do is give Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic a call, and we will take care of the rest.

The process is quite simple. It typically requires two short visits to our dental office. In the first appointment, we will take the impression/imprint of your teeth and decide on the best mouthguard option for you.  We can also customize the appearance of it as well (let you choose the provide and in some cases, even add a unique design).   At the second visit, you pick up your custom mouthguard. This is when we assess the fit and provide you with detailed use and care instructions.

If you choose to go with a non-custom option, you can find them at sporting goods stores, pharmacies, and online.  Just make sure you do some research beforehand.  If you are not quite sure which is the best option for you don’t hesitate to ask us for some advice.

How do I take care of my Mouthguard?

Taking care of your mouthguard is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Always store your sports guard in a safe, perforated container.
  2. Clean your mouthguard after each use with cool soapy water.  (DO NOT USE HOT WATER AS IT MAY DISTORT SHAPE/FIT)
  3. Store away from high temperatures or direct sunlight.
  4. Check your guard for signs of damage and ware- especially cracks /tears.
  5. Have your dentist check it regularly (just bring it with you for your routine examination/hygiene appointments.
  6. Keep away from pets (especially dogs since they often mistake them for chew toys)

Not all dental emergencies can be avoided, but if you are at increase risk of injury to your mouth, a mouthguard can make a huge difference.  Having a well-fitting sports guard and wearing it can save you from a lot of heartaches and unnecessary dental treatment.

Need a Mouth Guard?

If you need a mouth guard or any other dental treatment, call Fairway Dental Urgent Care Clinic today.  We are always here to help.

DISCLAIMER: The advice offered is intended to be informational only and generic in nature. It is no way to offer a definitive diagnosis or specific treatment recommendations for your particular situation.  Any advice provided is no substitute for proper evaluation and care by a qualified dentist.